My Twinn Color Charts 1996 -2002 "Denver Era"(date and source shown) 

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Spring 1996, From Connie Marshall: 

Fall 1996, from Connie Marshall 

Expanded view of Fall 1996 eye colors, from same form as above (Connie Marshall) 

Expanded view of 1996 Hair Colors, from same form as above (Connie Marshall)  

1997, From Connie Marshall 

Expanded version of 1997 chart above (from Connie Marshall) 

1998, from Connie Marshall 

Expanded version of 1998 chart above (Connie Marshall) 

Spring 1999, from Connie Marshall 

Expanded view, Spring 1999 chart above (from Connie Marshall)

Fall 1999, from Connie Marshall 

 expanded version of above chart, Fall 1999 (from Connie Marshall)