This page is a tribute to a few special collectors and their extraordinary collections. Click on the green headings to see for yourself!

Click the green text for Elizabeth Aisling Flygare's video of her "quietly beautiful" collection of Twinns. Fancy make-overs and outfits are not needed to enjoy the My Twinn dolls and Elizabeth's collection shows that to us all. Her beautiful dolls all have their own child-like personalities… with a couple quirky Twinns added in for pleasure!  Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your collection!

"Marie's Marvelous Maidens" 

Cheryl's "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" Twinns

Bao's Asians

Diana's Cuddlies and Twinns 

Samantha in NJ's Cuddlies

Deb's Kims

Sharon's 'Dolls as Scouts'

Joy's Japanese Rock Band "Magic Enigma"

Sandra's Lois Collection

Karen's 'Florida Twinns Boys Camp'