23 Inch My Twinn Dolls 

Over the years the number of face molds offered by My Twinn changed.  Collectors identify 49 different face molds including a few variants and the one-of-a-kind prototype known as "Natalie". 

Details of the names, inscriptions and eras they were poured are collected in the Face Mold Reference Chart. 

Close-up photos of the of 23" Twinns and be seen in the Face Mold Photo File.

The following collage of 23" Twinns is from the My Twinn Holiday 2004 catalog and has been edited to include collector names.  It is a good starting place to learn the face molds. Avoiding the subject of the "China Era" dolls for simplicity, the collage shows the faces that were the scaled back offerings in 2003 that continued to be produced following the first bankruptcy.  Micale, however, with the distinct upper eyelid, in fact was retired and the Pearl face instead was produced through the Virginia Era. In addition to the faces shown in the collage, The faces Beth, Karen, Vanessa and Helen were re-introduced with new molds in the Virginia Era (though their Denver counterparts are more coveted), and the new face Cai was introduced for the first time in February 2008. In the winter of 2012, My Twinn did an experiment with a very limited re-pour (less than 15 heads poured per mold) using the old Denver molds, including some of the faces retired before 2004 and the prototypes Haley and Caroline. Only one doll of the prototype known as Nathalie is known to exist. More details in the My Twinn History that are important for collectors to know, including information about the "China Era" dolls.

Another way to learn face molds is to have a little Wig Fun and explore the Exceptional Collections!

18 Inch My Twinn Dolls

The following collage lists collector names and scalp imprints for the 18 inch Twinns. Any additional information to help fill out the details is welcome.  The photo was courtesy of My Twinn and has been edited by collectors to include the names and scalp imprints.

*070 Cai: 070 is mold number reported by the China manufacturer for the 18"Cai face. 078 was an earlier observed number from a head, and likely a misread of an unclear imprint.

20 Inch Toddler Dolls Logan's Friends

Toddler Facemold Reference Chart with names and Photos. Neck inscriptions photos here!

Toddlers in 2000 My Twinn Catalog (better photos in 2001 and 2002 catalogs)

Toddlers in 2001 My Twinn Catalog with names & neck inscriptions added

Toddlers in 2002 My Twinn Catalog with names & neck inscriptions added

Toddler pages from My Twinn Catalogs including their Introduction

My Twinn Cuddly Collection

Cuddly Dolls from the My Twinn catalogs and "Exceptional Collections"