Color Charts from Virginia Era Catalogs (2004 through closing) 

Holiday 2004:

2005 Back to School  Note that there are some batches of vinyl bodies tagged 2005 that have strong pink undertones. This does not show in the catalog color charts.

2006 Holiday:

2007 Holiday  Note there are some batches of 2007 tagged "Fair" bodies that are darker in color than other tagged years and this does not show in the catalog color charts. We refer to them as "Tan Fair" as they are a sun-tanned color more similar to the "Fair" color of American Girl dolls than the typical, paler "Fair" of My Twinn.

Holiday 2008:

Holiday 2009:

Holiday 2010:

Holiday 2011:

Holiday 2012:

Holiday 2013 18" Twinns:

Unfortunately the stock eyes for the 18" dolls degraded within a year, turning cloudy, fading, and turning off colors.

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