My Twinn Skin Tone Comparisons in Dolls 

Below, two photos showing the Denver range (photos taken within minutes under same lighting conditions)

The following 3 photos comparing Denver 01s were taken within minutes under same lighting conditions. 

The following 5 photos compare 03 skin tones.  The photos were taken within a few minutes of each other under the same lighting conditions. There is a range of tone within this color group which I have tried to capture, however, this set does not include the brighter 'OOB' ('Outstanding Orange Blossum) 03s. 

The following photo tries to capture some of the issues with matching the bodies to the heads of the 03s.  Unfortunately, the photo does not capture this well. The 1997 and 1999 bodies match beautifully.  The fabric of the 2002 bodies is a beautiful match, however, with both of the 2002 dolls, the vinyl of the bodies is a brighter 03 than the heads and appendages of the 1997 and 1999 bodies.  The vinyl of the 2008 body is actually a fairly good match to the Wendi head, however, the head appears more orangey in the photo than in natural light.  The vinyl of 2008 body is also a good match to the Madison and Tasha heads shown on the 2002 bodies. The 2009 vinyl looks like a good match in this photo, but it is really too dark tan/brown.  The 2010 body vinyl is similar to the 2008 body vinyl while the 2010 fabric is considerably darker.  

This photo was taken in late afternoon natural light which naturally casts a peachy tone, and is slightly over-exposed, trying to capture the orangey tone of the 2002-03 body.  Here you can see the more tan tone of the 03 Madison head on the 2002 body, and the darker, more orangey brighter vinyl of the 2002 compared to the 1999 vinyl (in reality the 2002 appears 'brighter' not 'darker'). While Teresa's face is over-exposed in this photo, you can still see how well matched the face is to her 1999 vinyl appendages, and how both are a delicious creamy tone.

Denver 02 vinyl compared to VA Very Fair: