Banner, excerpt of December 13, 1994 Press Photo excerpt showing the Pat Secrist sculpt (sold by Apple Valley Doll Works as "Tabitha"), and below, the same sculpt named "Rigel" by owner Cathi in Oregon.  All photos are the property of and are provided courtesy of Cathi in Oregon. 

Excerpt from LA Times article, December 1993, by Mary Ann Hammers:

The 22-inch dolls are made of vinyl and cost $119 each. Their cute baby faces all come from the same mold (the Pat Secrist mold shown here), but each doll's eyes, eyebrows, complexion and hair are carefully matched with the child's. If the child wears glasses or earrings, so does the doll. If the child has freckles, the doll does, too. As a finishing touch, the child's name is painted on the bottom of the doll's right foot. Dolls can be created in all skin tones, from very fair to rich, dark brown, and beginning next year (1994), Asian dolls will be available, according to (Lisa) Driscoll ( one of the co-founders of My Twinn).

The very earliest of the Apple Valley My Twinn dolls had the My Twinn logo or the child's name written in script on the bottom of their right foot. This little guy has My Twinn written in the company's trademarked script (the orange color is residual stain from someone who tried to remove the ink). Connie Marshall has indicated that there were very few of the Apple Valley dolls in circulation when she went to work for My Twinn in 1996, because they had been retired by that time. Many of the dolls with writing on their foot had come in to the doll hospital to have the writing removed, leaving behind staining with many bodies ending up in the trash.  The My Twinn logo became included on a body tag, and in some instances on the neck imprint.  The practice of writing the child's name on the foot was discontinued.

The following photo of Rigel shows the distinctive Apple Valley toddler limbs: 

Mr.Cutieface Rigel with the Press Photo: 

Below, back of press photo.

Many thanks to Cathi in Oregon for sharing her Press photo and precious photos of Rigel and her Apple Valley Cookies for this early look into the history of My Twinn!!! 

If you have a Karen, Cookie or Rigel with the original Apple Valley body and the foot bearing the original My Twinn script, we would love to add their photos.  Please contact us at  

Collectors should be aware that Apple Valley Doll Works still sells the the body type and face mold "Tabitha" that was used by My Twinn to make the earliest dolls for use as promotional samples.  The Apple Valley Dolls are readily available and an unmarked doll should not be confused with a marked doll that could be relevant to the history of My Twinn. Other factors such as My Twinn labeled outfits fit to the Apple Valley body type or shown in published materials dated at the launch of the company on the Apple Valley body type, similar artistry that can be linked to the same artist, may help to identify a doll as coming from My Twinn.  It is very easy to swap bodies on these dolls so the potential for fraud exists.  Being educated helps collectors to spend their dollars wisely. Enjoy the Apple Valley dolls for what they are and know what you are buying.