Welcome to Logan's Ladies, a site for kids and collectors who want to learn about My Twinn dolls.   We are not affiliated with the My Twinn company but have enjoyed the My Twinn dolls since 1999. We hope you enjoy our site!  


Sadly, My Twinn closed at the end of the month, January 2016. Updates to the My Twinn History continue.   We are always interested in learning more about these dolls so please contact us if you have new information to share.

Learn the Face Molds!  Updates to the Face Molds pages have been made to include 23" Twinns, 18" Twinns and the 20" Toddlers.  We hope this makes learning the faces easier without having to flip between websites.

Tutorials!!! The tutorials and Doll Care Guide from our sister site Westport Dolls are now available on this site by clicking the "Links" tab under the banner image. Direct links to the My Twinn Color Charts are now included in the "Links" section as well so you no longer need to dig through the My Twinn History to find them.

Click to enjoy our new stories, Farewell Friends! and Welcome to Sarasota, a very special story written by one of Logan's young fans!

Check out Elizabeth Aisling Flygare's charming video of her collection, in Exceptional Collections.