Welcome to Logan's Ladies, a site for kids and collectors who want to learn about My Twinn dolls.   We are not affiliated with the My Twinn company but have enjoyed the My Twinn dolls since 1999. We hope you enjoy our site!  

Happy Holidays!

The Twinns brought our family such joy such joy over the years. It is hard to put into words.  The memories of the joy of a young girl with her first Twinn. Playing tea party with her doll and Grandpa. The girl and doll dress-up photos.  My kids making up silly stories. I'd come downstairs and find Logan making "shark stew" and next thing ending up head first in the giant cook pot. When my daughter was ever away for a sleepover my son would put her doll at the dinner table with usually doing something rude with her table manners.  You would turn a corner in our house never knowing what to expect with the Twinns.   Logan sitting with his pants down on the potty on the dinner table set for dinner. Yes, that would have been the doing of my then middle school aged son. Dolls in scary masks peeping out of closets. Dolls having tea parties. Dolls dressed for holidays as greeters at our front door. Shoveling the snow from the front walk and finding Logan laying on a beach towel in his speedo with sunglasses and a fancy drink... the kids doing during a sledding break. Logan peeping out of the shrubbery to frighten passersby.  Vacuuming the upstairs and finding Logan and his friends dressed for school in front of the chalk board where my biomedical engineering major daughter wrote physics equations and "Logan says 'Let there Be Light'"   I'm so glad that we captured some of the fun in photos and stories. Such memories! From our family to yours, we wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday season! 


Of all the coincidences! Turns out a neighbor's daughter was one of the early models for My Twinn, believed to be the first set of promo photos for the public advertising. Read more in the updated My Twinn History.

April 2017: The "post My Twinn closing" China re-pour "blank" heads are still available through the "My Twinn Doll Parts For Sale" Facebook Group for considerably less than they are being sold for on eBay. Before you buy off eBay, check with the Facebook Group sales coordinator. Apparently at least one of the eBay sellers purchased the heads through the Facebook Group, has increased the prices drastically and is lying about the source and availability of the heads when buyers contact them through eBay. This information has come from the Facebook Group sales coordinator who sold the heads to that seller.  Buyer Beware. Heads are still available through the Facebook Group.

October 2016: Make sure you know what you are buying!  The China manufacturer has located several of the older molds and has begun selling newly poured heads (of some long-retired and rare faces) and body parts for My Twinn 23" dolls through the Facebook Group "My Twinn Doll Parts For Sale".  There is a collector in the US that is coordinating these sales. While this is good news for some collectors, it is also the opportunity for unscrupulous sellers to pass off dolls that are not what they are represented to be. So please ask questions of sellers if you see rare faces come up for sale.  Check the quality of the face painting and eyes in the dolls as these newly poured heads are being sold as blanks.  It would be sad if poor quality work on these newly poured heads and unscrupulous sellers scare people away from collecting these gorgeous dolls.

My Twinn Facebook Groups There are several My Twinn Collector Groups and Buy, Sell, Trade Groups on Facebook.  These can be fun resources and places to share your love of these precious dolls. Just use common sense with dealing with other collectors and become educated about what you are buying if you buy through these groups. PayPal provides buyer and seller protections if certain conditions are met with transactions. Read about this on PayPal. If you are dealing with a person for the first time, make sure your transaction meets the PayPal requirements so you are protected.

Sadly, My Twinn closed at the end of the month, January 2016. Updates to the My Twinn History continue.   We are always interested in learning more about these dolls so please contact us if you have new information to share.

Learn the Face Molds!  Updates to the Face Molds pages have been made to include 23" Twinns, 18" Twinns and the 20" Toddlers.  We hope this makes learning the faces easier without having to flip between websites.

Tutorials!!! The tutorials and Doll Care Guide from our sister site Westport Dolls are now available on this site by clicking the "Links" tab under the banner image. Direct links to the My Twinn Color Charts are now included in the "Links" section as well so you no longer need to dig through the My Twinn History to find them.

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