Apple Valley Cookie Facemolds, photos courtesy of Cathi in Oregon

Below, all original Apple Valley Cookie

Observation from Cathi: This all original doll's face appears smaller in size and narrower than later Cookie face molds.  Also note the similarity of the brow painting to "Rigel", as though they were painted by the same artist.

This Cookie is a fine example of the customization available on even the earliest dolls, including freckles, beauty marks, ear piercing in addition to skin tone, hair and eye color. 

The following photos are of Cathi in Oregon's Apple Valley Cookie that has been repainted by Laurie Capps:

A peek at Laurie Capp's exceptional artistry 

Special thanks to Cathi in Oregon for sharing her lovely Apple Valley Cookies with us!  All of the above photos are the property of Cathi in Oregon.

Collectors should be aware that Apple Valley Doll Works still sells the the body type and face mold "Tabitha" that was used by My Twinn to make the earliest dolls for use as promotional samples.  The Apple Valley Dolls are readily available and an unmarked doll should not be confused with a marked doll that could be relevant to the history of My Twinn. Other factors such as My Twinn labeled outfits fit to the Apple Valley body type or shown in published materials dated at the launch of the company on the Apple Valley body type, similar artistry that can be linked to the same artist, may help to identify a doll as coming from My Twinn. It is very easy to swap bodies on these dolls so the potential for fraud exists.  Being educated helps collectors to spend their dollars wisely. Enjoy the Apple Valley dolls for what they are and know what you are buying.