Let's clean up, said Tiffany.

Candy Land is easy to clean up, said everyone.

Can we go upstairs after we clean up?  asked Alex.

Yes, said everyone.

What a lot of stairs, said Michael.

It's gigantic stairs, said Tiffany.

That's why it is a big house, said Alex.

The stairs are slippery, said Tiffany.

I am almost going to trip.

Heeeelp, said Tiffany.

I am falling!!

Me too shouted Michael.

I will help, said Alex.

Do not! said the owl. You stay up here.

No, said Alex, I must save them.

I can't catch them, said Alex.

Help them still, said Rosita.

I give up, yelled Alex.

They are almost at the bottom of the stairway.

Are you okey, said Rosita.

Alex can carry you upstairs the turtle said.

Yes, said Alex.

But it is hard to carry them upstairs.

Just try, said the turtle.

Okey I will try, said Alex.

Do not step on my hair, said Tiffany.

Michael is lighter than you Tiffany, said Alex.

Oh, don't be foolish, said Tiffany.

It's true, said Alex.

Let's see who weighs the most.

Tiffany weighs the most! said Alex.

We are tired, said Tiffany and Michael.

Let's relax, said Tiffany.

Thank you for carrying us upstairs.

Thanks to the turtle, said Tiffany.

We want to live in this house now, because you carried us.

Thank you for everything, said Tiffany and Michael. You are really nice.

The End

Special thanks to our very special Swedish Friends!

Logan would like to thank Lisa of Sweden for sharing, and her daughter for writing this charming story on their visit to Sarasota Florida in June 2015. Logan was happy that no dolls were injured during the "Ooopsy". Logan is always happy to receive stories, especially from his young fans! Safe Travels!!!