Sandra's Lois Collection

Here is my story.  I started collecting when I was very young - at 14 years old I was already a doll collector but my collection consisted in 7 dolls only.  I got married and moved around so much that I had to leave my dolls at my mother's house and when I settled down and asked for the dolls, only 2 were normal as my mother had put them in the attic and they froze.  I still have the doll I got when I was 3 years old and she was one of the first walking dolls with eyes that closed and she said mama by leaning her body forward.  She is around 20" high, stands on her own and is hard plastic. She may be a version of the Ideal  Plassie doll that I got in 1951.  I never played with my doll, her hair was never unbraided, her clothes are still on, a little faded but the doll has not changed in all these years.   Later in life I was collecting Koalas, shoes and cats but no dolls until I accidentally fell on a doll site and saw a My Twinn called Madison for sale.  I was immediately attracted to the size and likeness to children.  I watched that auction and lost it at the end but I was hooked to look for more My Twinn dolls. I learned that there were so many more face molds.

      When I saw the first Lois, she resembled my Plassie doll (similar to the 1946 Plassie shown upper right) so much and I was hooked immediately to that face mold more than others.  I started collecting the My Twinn dolls in Fall 2007 and only wanted all Denver dolls.  My first Lois had a 2007 body and I did not know that these dolls could have Denver heads and Virginia bodies, this was all new to me so I sold my first Lois because of her body not being Denver and regretted seeing her go.  After selling her, I also realized she was a retired face mold.  As of March 2010 I have 40 Lois amongst my other dolls but have still not found one with eyes like the first Lois doll I sold.  I have had all the face molds except Josie at one time or another, but Lois remains my favorite!  

Many thanks to Sandra for sharing her story and delightful photos of her collection!  Click on the green type for links to more of Sandra's photos.

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1996 Lois on the left, 1997 Lois on the right: