Yea! Josie came to visit so we get to have some wig fun.  Here she is in her original wig. What a cutie!


Another My Twinn cascade of curls: 

Now Monique Majesty from From left to right, strawberry blonde, blonde with pale blonde highlights, and sunburst blonde.

Oooooooo... how about brunette? 

Now in a several styles borrowed from other My Twinn dolls. 

More My Twinn wigs: 

Monique Marie wig in blonde and dark brown: 

A couple of Logan's personal favorites, Danielle, Slumber and Bridgette.  Josie wants to try Bridgette in Strawberry... perhaps in a bit.


 ...Shea, Joycee and Melinda.

How about Bridgette in a better blonde for my skintone, or brunette?


A few more My Twinn wigs: 

Brunette My Twinn curls: 

May I go out and play in the garden? Whitney French braid, perfect for gardening :)

For dress-up, perhaps:

More glam? Try Margo: 

Psssssssst! I like the curls!