Welcome to Sarasota 

Welcome to your new home, said Alex.

Thank you, said Michael.

What a handsome boy that is, whispered Tiffany.

He is holding a Swedish Flag.

Let's take off our shoes.

What is your name? asked Michael.

My name is Alex.

Let's explore the house.

Look at this castle, said Tiffany.

Look at this monorail, said Michael.

It goes by itself, said Tiffany.

This is fun, said Michael.

Look at this castle! It makes sounds, said Tiffany.

We hear music, said everyone.

The music sounds like a drum, said Tiffany.

Let's see who makes the music, said Tiffany.

He plays fast, said Michael and Tiffany.

What is your name?

My name is James.

Do you have any sisters or brothers? asked Tiffany.

Yes! Her name is Rosita.

Look at that game, said Michael.

What is the game called?

It is called "Candy Land," said Alex.

Is that your sister? Tiffany asked.

Yes it is.

Can we play the game? Please?

Yes you all can play, said Rosita.

We can be in different teams.

Tiffany, Michael and turtle is one team.

Owl and Alex is team 2.

Rosita and James is team 3.

After ten minutes of playing…

Yay!!!!! WE WON, said Tiffany and Michael.

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