'Vincent's Girls', A Denver Era Cookie, and Denver-headed 'hybrid' (with newer body) Karen, standing in to show a comparison of these two face molds.  If you have a Karen, Cookie or Rigel with the original Apple Valley body, we would love to add their photos.  Please contact us at westportdolls@yahoo.com.   

Click the green links to see Cathi in Oregon's Apple Valley Cookies and Rigel.

While we just love 'Vincent's girls', we need to be aware of Mr. deFilippo's sensitivity as the sculptor of these faces.  In an eBay auction (seller unknown) awhile back attributing a doll with the 'A sculpture by Vincent J. deFilippo' neck inscription, as his 'design', he responded:

 "This is not my doll. I never created nor do I approve it.   The face is what I sculpted without the wig.  Please make it clear that I am not the designer of this doll.  I did not design any My Twinn dolls.  All I have created is the face without the wigs.  Please make this very clear.  This is not my work ."

Sincerely, Vincent J. DeFilippo, Sculptor"

All I can say is we very much love the faces you sculpted, Mr. deFilippo, and you should be proud of how much happiness that act has given so many girls of all ages!  Thank you!