Five minute fix for Over-tight and Sharp Neck Cable ties

I have had a number of folks complaining about very sharp edges to the neck ties coming from My Twinn.  This lovely Karen came into my studio a couple days ago and I cut my hand removing her from her box. Also, her neck tie was so tight she couldn't move her head. Check your dolls before giving them to your children until My Twinn gets this sorted out.  It is an easy fix.  You may be able to file down the sharp edges with a nail file or shop file.  The right way to do this repair is to use a smaller gauge cable tie readily available from hardware and electrical supply shops. This repair may also be done with cording knotted and tucked into the dolls body fabric.  


Slip out the old cable tie.  You can feed the new cable tie through the casing.  I find it helps to slide a small piece of drinking straw into the opposite side of the casing so the end doesn't get caught where the casing ends are folded over. 


Feed the end through the lock and pull leaving room to adjust the fabric around the neck.  Then gently tighten allowing room for the head to turn. 


Snip off the end of the cable tie with a nail clipper.  The curve of the blade helps prevent sharp edges.  Give a quick swipe with a nail file or emory board to make sure there are no rough edges.

Slide the cable tie lock into the fabric casing.  What a beautiful, smooth finish! No more sharp edges!

 What an improvement!  This is how these dolls were put together in the past.   

LOOK! I can even turn my head!