Toddler Names & Letters from the 2002 catalog with neck inscriptions

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2002 Catalog Code = Collector Name - neck inscription (not always legible on toddler dolls)

A = Not assigned In 2002 catalog

B/N = David/Angela - Peui Dyer (scalp imprint B15)

C = Sonya/Haley/Taylor - James Cornwall (scalp inscription B13)

D = Julia - Sandra Bilotto (scalp imprint B24) 

E/K = Lindsey/Brooke/Sophia – Karen Williams Smith (Scalp imprint B21)

F = Fiona/Finn/Stephanie - Peui Dyer (Scalp imprint B14)

G= James – Wendell Chapman or James Cornwall (Scalp Imprint B04)

This scalp imprint (B04) and expression has been found with Wendall Chapman or James Cornwall neck imprints!

There are subtle differences between these two, for instance the distance between the eyes varies by 0.2cm. Both are marked B04 on the scalp.

H = Hamish - Joan’s redhead guy – Judy Belle (Photo courtesy of Joan)

I= Jordan – Sandra Bilotto (scalp imprint B15)

J/M = Lauren/Courtney/Danielle – Karen Williams Smith

K/E = Lindsey/Brooke/Sophia – Karen Williams Smith (photo above under 'E')

L= (No doll assigned to this letter in 2002 catalog photo)

M/J= Lauren – Karen Williams Smith (photo above under 'J')

N/B = Angela/David – Peui Dyer (photo above under 'B')

O = Terry – Sandra Bilotto

P = Alexis/McKenzie – James Cornwall (scalp imprint B02)

Q = Quinn - Annie Laurie

R = Skylar – James Cornwall (scalp imprint B23)

Uncatalogued Toddlers (not appearing in 2000, 2001 and 2002 catalogs):

___ = Logan, Dominic & Vinny – Wendell Chapman (scalp imprint B11)

___ = Tyler - Wendell Chapman (scalp imprint B03)

___ = Liko - Karen Williams Smith (two versions)

___ = Peggy (Joan’s one of a kind) - Annie Laurie (courtesy of Joan)

___= Zayn (Peggy's new tod from Feb 2012 upload) - Judy Belle

___ = Melissa (named after her original owner) B16 scalp imprint- Annie Laurie sculpt

This is the first doll of this sculpt we have seen.  If you have a doll with this sculpt please share a photo and we will add it to the page. 

Here are a few comments by her original owner about this doll.  The artist referenced is Gayla Burnley.

"This is one of a few dolls I will be listing that were owned by My Twinn and used for advertising and / or seeking investors.  This is what My Twinn referred to as one of their "pretty babies" and the doll only became available for sale when the Colorado operation closed.  A friend of mine that was an artist there was able to share this history with me. "  

Here is her neck imprint. It is faint but if you know what to look for you can make out 'Annie Laurie'.

An uncatalogued Toddler we are seeking! If you have one, please send a photo and tell us about him/her.


Some helpful comparisons