Banner, December 13, 1994 Press Photo, courtesy of Cathi in Oregon.

Many thanks to Connie Marshall for sharing her collection of articles and advertisements about My Twinn, making this page possible!

1995 Family Fun Magazine 

Doll Reader, October 1997 

1997 Denver Post 

Star or Enquirer Weekly, 1997 

December 1999, MaryBeth's Bean Bag World 

March/April 2000 (source unknown), The Danielle face mold doll on the left was painted by Connie Marshall, and is one that was frequently used by My Twinn in their publicity.  

2001 Vanity Fair page 299. Upper right photo. Connie Marshall painted, and Helen Echevarria styled the hair for this Wendi face mold doll for a gentleman in the UK. They were surprised when he used it to promote his show. 

December 21, 2003, Denver Post 

Denver Post, February 1, 2004 

Denver Post, October 5, 2004