Connie Marshall 

Connie Marshall was employed as an artist at the My Twinn Doll Hospital from 1996 through 2003.  During her tenure her artistry led her to be chosen to paint many dolls for celebrities, promo pieces, photo shoots, and catalog spreads.  This page is a sampling showing her range of styles and attention to detail. 

Banner image, Ariel

Below, Wendi


 Same Clementine, taken with flash

lenora, painted by Connie in the style of Kim Olsen 







Emma, painted by Connie in the style of Carol Ferrin



 Connie is still active as an artist today and many of her My Twinn repaints can be seen on Deb in VA's Kims Collection and Sharon's Dolls As Scouts pages on this site (be sure follow the link at the bottom of Sharon's page and right here to Sharon's Picture Trail Album for more photos and close-ups and don't miss Sharon's Nora repaint by Connie...with teeth!).   

Connie maintains a Facebook Photo Gallery of her doll artistry.  For access to the gallery, or to contact her about a commission, send her a 'Friend Request' explaining your interest in My Twinn dolls to her Facebook page at

Many thanks to Deb and Sharon for their contributions, and most of all Connie!