Above and below, Lindsey/ Sophia face mold. 

Below, Jamie Marie, a James face mold. 

Logan's cousins Dom & Vinny are enjoying the snow!

Thanks Joan, for sharing this photo. 

Below, Melissa, an Annie Laurie sculpt. 

Meet Logan's new friends, Zayn and Niall!





Quinn, Facemold 'Q' from the  2002 My Twinn catalog 

 Terry, Facemold 'O' from the 2002 catalog wants to say 'Hi' too.


Liko (and for that matter, Logan!!!) is still waiting for his facemold to be identified. Please email us if you know :)   Liko's name is compliments of Joanie and means 'bud' in Hawaiian.  Liko and Logan are best buds! 


Facemold names and letters listed below were assigned based on named dolls sold by My Twinn through their 2002 catalog . Check out the 2001 Catalog and 2000 Catalog toddler pages too.


 Logan, Lukesh (James facemold "FM"), David, Jordan, Ricky (Lauren FM), Charles, Bucky (Angela FM)


 Sophia (Brooke FM), Sophie, Kathy (Skylar FM), Tami (Lauren FM), Devon (Lindsey FM), Becky (Alexis FM), Jessica (Sonya FM), Eliana (Julia FM)


David (B&N) and Jordan (I)


Logan and Lukesh ("James" FM  G)


Ricky ("Lauren" FM J&M) & Charles (R)


Bucky (Angela FM B&N)


Devon (Lindsey FM E&K) & Becky (Alexis FM P)


Jessica (Sonya FM C&H) & Eliana (Julia FM D)


Jessica (Skylar FM R) & Tami (Lauren FM J&M)  


Sophia (Brooke FM E&K) & Sophia (Sophia FM E&K)