Karl's Girls 

Mallory, Catherine, Kelsey, Kate, Rosemary/Caitlin***

There are differing opinions whether there is a real difference between the Rosemary and Caitlin facemolds.  Some collectors believe that Caitlin was the original facemold, and is the facemold of the Caitlin from the 1998 "Little Sisters Collection". However, other collectors believe it is just a difference in the appearance of the eye sockets, some being stretched more after insertion of the eyes resulting in the open-eyed appearance of the 'Caitlins', or perhaps the way they eyes naturally set in a different batch of vinyl.  Since the Caitlin and Rosemary facemolds do not have distinguishing neck dates and scalp markings the question is unresolved.  The following photo shows the clear difference in the eyes sockets of these beautiful Denver girls of very similar coloring and hairstyle, no matter what they are called.  I would love to know the source of this photo to give credit where credit is due: