About Joy and her Japanese Rock Band "Magic Enigma" ... In her own words!

I have always loved dolls.  The first doll I remember being very attached to was a bride doll I received for Christmas when I was about 5. I carried her everywhere with me.  Apparently my mom had had to search long and hard to find her in time for Christmas.  When I was around 9 I had a friend who was an only child and she had shelves all around the top part of her bedroom walls where there was this vast array of dolls. I remember thinking at the time someday I will have that many dolls. The last doll I remember getting as a kid was when I was 13 and I bought her with my paper route money. My parents at that point thought I was too old to be buying dolls.  When I had my own daughter we got to enjoy dolls together, especially Barbie Dolls.  I did not begin earnestly collecting dolls until after my children were done with college.  I have collected many different and varied types of dolls but the My Twinns are the ones I play with the most and I began collecting them in the late 1990's.  From that first My Twinn that I bought  I was hooked on these dolls.  The thing I love about doll collecting is the wonderful creative, playful and imaginative side it brings out in me in designing outfits, wigs and different looks for the dolls and how it has awakened my interest in photography.  In 2007 I became interested in all things Japanese. A friend got me very interested in Japanese anime music and from there I discovered some great Japanese Rock bands who I fell in love with.  Most of these were of the visual kei era in Japanese music with big hair and wild costumes.  I fell in love with the music so much that I decided to create my own little My Twinn JRock band and that is how the band came into being.  They are some of my favorite My Twinn dolls.  The names of the boys in my band are taken from actual JRock artists.   My dream from age 9 of having a room full of dolls has come true.....fairy tales really do happen and I am still not too old for dolls, Dad!                                 




 Magic Enigma!

Hey fans, the band is on tour again!!! Check back for tour photos! 

Many thanks to Joy for sharing her exciting collection with us.  Her creativity and artistry shine!  Rock on!