Banner image: Haley Prototype, painted by Connie Marshall while employed by My Twinn 

Below: The newly introduced non-production (March 2012) Haley 're-pours' 

These are dolls straight from My Twinn, no customization.  Gorgeous vinyl, beautiful Denver quality eyes and lush lashes that match hair color.  Note the two different lip stencil shapes. 




Haley 'Mug Shots' from My Twinn 'Vintage Friends' page: 

Haleys have a scalp imprint 'Haley' and no neck date:


Comparison with VA Allison (in center with customized face up and higher quality paper weight eyes):

 Comparison with 1997 neck date Denver Allison (in center):

A few more Haleys (MT 'Mug Shots'):