Welcome to  2010 Florida Twinns Boys Camp!

Many Thanks to Karen in Florida for her wonderful stories and for sharing the best ever collection of Twinn Boys.  Thanks also to camp counselor Joan who helped this year and her boys who happily attended!

The campers check the roster...

Is this the right place?  

Joan's boys Max, Alex and Scott came all the way from Ohio

Three-legged Races! Ready, Set, Go called Barney!

 ...awe a fall right at the finish line... bad luck!

Three man stick-horse races! Can it get any closer?


Who are Max, Alex and Scott?

Must be... they have the same shirts!

Opening Ceremonies and Pledge of Allegiance.  

Scott volunteered to hold the flag!

Run Boys Run!  Alex and Andre take the lead!

...and the winners are Brady & Tyler!  Yahooee!!!

Will, Luke & Shaun pull ahead at the last second!