Deb in VA has created a collection of some of the rarest and most beautiful My Twinn dolls of the facemold known as Kim. While Kim is generally thought of as being an Asian inspired facemold, Deb shows us how versatile these gorgeous dolls are and how wrong it is to generalize them into categories.  Thank you Deb, for sharing your story and your beautiful dolls. 

Deb's story, in her own words:


I’ve always loved dolls, but started collecting Twinns when my older daughter was six.  I bought a custom Twinn for her, found the “Friends” and was hooked.  There are over 40 face molds, but Kim is by far my favorite.  One has her original face paint, but the others either came to me with artist brows or I sent them to Connie Marshall (former My Twinn doll artist) to repaint them.  I have also changed their wigs a number of times, trying to find the perfect hairstyle for each.


One if my first Kims is Kita.  I got her on eBay and she has an 04 skin tone.  Her eyes were scratched, so I had a friend change her eyes and clean up some marks.  Other than that and a wig change (or two or three), she’s the same as when I got her.  She’s my only Kim with original eyebrows.


Here is Kita with her new wig: 



Dana had blue eyes, short dark lashes, and a light blond wig with bangs when I got her.  She has 02 coloring and I got her from another collector.  She switched eyes with another Denver Twinn, to get these beautiful gray-green D10 eyes.  Then I sent her to Connie for new eyebrows, lips, and cheek color.  Finally I picked an auburn wig for her.  I think she’s my prettiest Kim.


Lexi used to be Leo.  She’s my only Asian Kim.  She has dark brown T50 eyes and 03 skin tone.  She also went to Connie for eyebrows.  She kept her original lips and looks younger than my other Kims.  She has a slim white body, so she’s also a little smaller than the others. 



Georgia came to me (from another collector) with her blue-green eyes, wonderful eyebrows, lips, and freckles.  All I did was change her wig and a friend changed her eyelashes for me.  I think she has a very sweet innocent look too.  



Then there is Mini DD Tori.  I got her from another collector.  She already had wonderful eyebrows and painted lips.  When I changed her hair and put on glasses I realized she looked like my older daughter.  First she had shorter hair, but my daughter is growing her hair longer, so Tori Kim had to “grow” her hair longer too.


Deb's beautiful 01 Kim with her new eyes, and brows and lips by Connie Marshall:


Deb's stunning 05 Kim 'Jes' with brows and lips also by Connie Marshall:


Thank you, Deb for sharing your gorgeous Kims!