Thanks to Diana in PA for the banner image and for providing the My Twinn catalog pages of the Cuddly Dolls.  For more photos heck out Diana's wonderful Cuddly Collection and Samantha in NJ's Cuddly Collection.

More pages of Cuddlies from My Twinn Catalogs

The Cuddly Collection 

 The Cuddly Sisters Collection was introduced Fall 1997.  This collection included 12 different dolls that were 14” with a bean bag body.  They had lifelike faces.  The Cuddly Sisters were not individually personalized like the classic My Twinn, but they were individually made by the same Artisans, who hand-painted each eyebrow, fitted each eyelash, and airbrushed each cheek.  Each sister in the cuddly collection had its own distinct look, personality, and outfit.  The Cuddly Collection was made with the same high quality design materials and craftsmanship found in all My Twinn dolls.

 In 1998, 5 Cuddly Brothers and 5 Cuddly Angels were introduced along with The Sister Collection. 

  The Cuddly Collection was discontinued around 2003