In 2002 My Twinn introduced a line of dolls called Classic Treasures. These
dolls were made from some of the original molds and were contructed on the
original non-poseable body. Each doll's edition was limited to 50 pieces. The
doll's particular number was written on the back of the neck and the bottom of
her foot. Some collectors have since had these dolls' non-poseable bodies switched out
with poseable ones.  Information and photos shared courtesy of the Yahoo Collector Group "OurTwinnsandmore".

List of Collector Specifications For Classic Treasures 

Caleb – 03 skin, Sharon face, M hair, D17 eyes

Cherise – 03 skin, Beatriz face, R hair, T40 eyes

Collette – 03 skin, Sharon face, G hair, D30 eyes

Heather - 3 skin, Cookie face, G hair, T10 eyes

Iris – 03 skin, Sharon face, V hair, A90 eyes (uncatalogued)

Karen – 03 skin, Helen face, F hair, T20 eyes

Lacie – 02 Skin, Helen face, B hair, A90 eyes (uncatalogued)

Mitzy – 03 skin, Lydia face, R hair, A30 eyes

Nuun – 03 skin, Lydia face, W hair, T50 eyes

Satsuko – 03 skin, Micale face, W hair, T50 eyes

Sheila – 03 skin, Cookie face, D hair, A20 eyes

Stephen – 03 skin, Cookie face, B hair, A90 eyes ( uncatalogued )