Cheryl has a collection of some the most beautiful Twinns Logan has ever seen, and yes, he knows for certain, as a few of her traveling Twinns have become some of his favorite baby sitters ever.  Cheryl has agreed to allow a few of her movie star Twinns to appear on Logan's Ladies to help promote their movies. Tee Hee.  In view of the recent release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" the Potter kids get the feature page... for now.  Not to worry, you can catch Cheryl's "Lord of the Rings" Elves here on their own page.


Harry Potter (Mallory Facemold)


Hermione (Allison facemold)


Ron (Madeline facemold)

 Luna  (Nora facemold)

 Cheryl is a legal secretary in Atlanta.  She began selling toys and dolls on E-Bay many years ago to make extra money.  Cheryl soon found there were just some dolls she couldn’t sell, so that’s how her collection began.  At this point she collects My Twinn dolls, BJD dolls, and a few Tonner character dolls (like Lord of the Rings).


Ginny (Helen facemold)


Parvati (Lenora facemold) and Padme (Michelle facemold):


Cheryl's Dobby is 28" tall and is made of resin.  She got him from E-Bay from a store who was selling their display.  He is a treasure!  


Cheryl's Harry Potter dolls were all painted by Connie Marshall.  Cheryl made all the robes, Carole Anderson made the pants, skirts, shirts, tights and ties, and the shoes and socks are MT.    Almost all the dolls except the two Patil Twinns have human hair wigs that Cheryl got from Bev Davis            

Thank you Cheryl, for sharing your gorgeous dolls and fun photographs with us!