We are so happy to be able to share Bao’s wonderful collection with you.  Bao is truly a talented doll artist and seamstress as you will see from the photos of her beautiful dolls.  Be sure to click on the green links which will take you to more photos of the green highlighted facemolds. Please be patient if your computer is slow loading the photos... you will be rewarded! 


Micale in Traditional Japanese Costume

 In Bao’s own words:

 My doll collection started when I had my daughter, soon turning 6 years old in August(2011).  I didn't like the idea of having my young child play with Barbies, Bratz or fashion dolls.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie and have a small Barbie collection myself, but I view Barbies as display dolls and not dolls for young girls/babies to play with.  So I was on the hunt to find high quality dolls for my daughter.  Little did I know that this hunt would become such a passion. 


Denver 03 Tamsen 

 The first time I saw a My Twinn doll was on eBay through a seller who makes clothes for many types of dolls, including My Twinn.  Her My Twinn models were so beautiful.  Then I tracked down the My Twinn website.  However, I knew nothing about the facemolds and eye color, skin tone at the time.  On the My Twinn website, they all looked the same to me.  I then joined the Our Twinns Yahoo group and that was when I stepped on the slippery road to My Twinn collecting.  It was in the Our Twinns Yahoo group that I learned about different facemolds, eye colors, skin tone.  I  practiced to recognize the different facemolds, skin tones, the Denver, China and Virginia eras. 


Micale (from left to right): Denver 03, Denver 04, China 01

 I need to thank everyone on that group who had helped me as well as enabling me in this passion.  I have bought many beautiful dolls through the collectors that belong to this group.  Through this group I learned about the rare facemolds and uploads… when My Twinn releases new ‘Friend Dolls’ for sale on their website.  It was through these upload times that I learned how one feels to try to check out with one of these sought after one-of-a-kind dolls that the many My Twinn collectors are also trying to buy at the same time.  One soon learns there are many passionate My Twinn collectors! 


02 Denver Berkeley 

My collection now includes my Family Portrait Dolls in My Twinn size:  My son, daughter, mother, father, myself and soon my husband, who I am presently creating.   My family members are all Asian facemolds, except for my father and myself, who are, perhaps surprisingly, the Vanessa facemold.   

Bao's Mother and Father 

Then again, I have Caitie facemold dolls that called out to me to be Asian! 


Denver 04 Kim

 I love the Asian facemolds in particular and hope to include one of each one skin tone for each Asian facemold and a boy for each Asian mold.  So far, I have not completed this quest, but perhaps someday.  


02 Pearl Boy in Vietnamese outfit

As you can imagine, I was quite excited when My Twinn introduced the new Asian facemold Cai in 2007. 

VA Cai

 I love sewing and have been sewing for real people since I was 12, although my passion has now turned to sewing for the Twinns.  I love working with the My Twinn size since it’s big enough for details and easy to work with.   The Asian cultures and traditional outfits of all cultures amaze me and are my special passion.  I am more familiar with Southeast Asian culture since I was born and grew up there.  


Denver 01 Lydia and Denver 03 Tamsen in Korean outfits 


Traditional Vietnamese Costume 


 There was a type of theatrical play called "cai luong" that is very Vietnamese traditional.  The Chinese have this type of play too.  In these plays, the characters are dressed up in very elaborate and elegant costumes.  I love this type of play very much and tried to create them through the My Twinn dolls.  I have made two of this type of costumes and my two Micales have been the models.  The hairdos and jewelries in these plays are also very impressive.  I hope someday to create more outfits of this type.  The actors and actresses in these plays also have very interesting facial make up to match the characters.  I started painting the dolls to fit the characters as well. 


Micales modeling Traditional 'Cai Luong' costumes

I do love traditional outfits from other regions too but I haven’t really ventured there yet.  There are so many Asian cultures to explore that I have not had time to look into cultures of other regions… perhaps one day!  

 Kim in African Costume


Denver Lydia


01 Pearl

Thank you, Bao, for sharing your gorgeous dolls with us!