These are the girls that help out at the Senior Center after school.  Their group photo was taken just before the Valentine's Day party 



Josie and Leni are BFFs and like to shop at the thrift store together.

Their moms think they put the craziest outfits together but the girls have so much fun together with the crazy clothes... like these 70's tunics and 'old lady' shoes.  

Josie tells the funniest stories.  She can even make shy Leni laugh out loud!  

Josie and Leni are really good at Karioke and have fun getting the room moving over at the Senior Center.  It is surprising how Leni is not shy when she is singing.  She has a beautiful voice.  Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.  Josie likes all types of music and hopes to work at the high school radio station when she starts high year!

 Madee and Maddy are best friends who love that their names are pronounced the same but spelled differently.  

They both keep a journal and share their thoughts with each other.  They have known each other since first grade!

Madee and Maddy try hard to be cool and always coordinate their outfits.  Madee loves her new boots but Maddy is a Converse(TM) girl all the way.  

They like to play charades with the Seniors and always stay late to help clean up after parties. 


Caitie always trys to keep the peace.  

What did Maddy say to make Leni hide?  

Why can't everybody just get along? 

Caitie gets so frustrated with her friends sometimes. Luckily she has her Boxer Dog Roxy who always listens and has good advice to share... wag more, bark less!  Caitie is a real life 'Sugar Baby' sweetheart who is well liked by everybody because she is so kind, thoughtful and fair.

Josie is trying to keep her cool. What is it to Maddy if Leni likes the old lady shoes? Josie thinks they are the coolest shoes ever and comfy. Why doesn't Madee ever stop Maddy when she says things that are hurtful? A good friend would do just that. I bet Caitie will have words with both those M girls once the dust settles.

 The Berkeley twins Ai and Aiko and little sis Amami always do as they are told... except maybe Amami who will never wear shoes! (Don't worry...her feet are vinyl so she won't get frost bite.)

Ai likes to play her violin while Aiko accompanies her on piano.  Amami likes to dance to her sisters music. The Seniors enjoy the music too and Amami makes them smile with her silly dances. That's why the twins always bring Amami to the parties at the Senior Center.  Amami loves parties... and cats!  Ai and Aiko are gentle, kind and brilliant.  They are well-liked and well-respected by their peers.

 These are the girls who help out at the Food Bank after school.  They have been invited to the Valentine's Day party at the Senior Center.


 Rose and Lori were new to school this year and became very close. 

 They both love preppy clothes and puppies and enjoy shopping together and ice cream. They enjoy helping out at the Food Bank, especially when they are working together.  Next year they will be old enough to help out at the animal shelter where they plan to help by walking the dogs.


Sisters Madison and Arieston...

Ari the older thinks she wears it better. 

Ari is a bit upset that Madison is already as tall as Ari...but she loves her to pieces! Ari is excited because she gets to wear a little makeup after her next birthday and her sister will have to wait two more years.  

Madison looks up to Ari and thinks she is really clever and stylish.  She always enjoyed getting hand-me-downs from Ari but now that she is so tall they wear the same size. 

Hummm... maybe Ari will share her lipgloss or nail polish after her next birthday.

 Bahiya and Berni have been best buds ever since Bahiya's family moved from Dubai.  

Bahiya and Berni think they are kindred spirits that knew each other in a past life. That's the only explanation why they are so much alike and love to do the same things...especially cook...especially with chick peas. They often bring chick peas to the Food Bank to share with the families.  They answer each others sentences. 

  "There is no possession 

more  valuable 

than a good and faithful friend." 


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!